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Tragedy at Retention Pond Shows Need for Fence

Fences around Pools and Ponds can Save Lives

Pool fences and fences around lakes and retention ponds are important, especially when the water is located near a community, school or playground. Some cities have building codes that require fences in certain areas, and others simply leave the lives of young children and pets up to chance.

A community near Indianapolis does not take the need for fencing around lakes lightly, following the death of a 5-year-old resident this week. Chesney Allen drowned in her neighborhood’s retention pond. There were no fences surrounding the lake. Her family is calling for a fence to be built now. This event is tragic and highlights the importance of building a fence around your pool, lake or pond before it’s too late for your community’s youngest members.

A basic line of fencing is much less costly than the life of a child. Seriously consider the consequences of not building a fence and then build one right away. It’s not worth the risk.

Want to know more about the costs and work required to set up fence around your pool, lake or pond? We’d be happy to help you find the answers you need! Contact us today at 888-856-0551 to learn more about protecting the children in your community!

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